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being the "HBIC"

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

"Mommm! Valentina pushed me." Valentina, don't push your sister please. "Lauraaaaaa- have you seen my keys?" You left them in the bathroom again so I hung them for you. "Oye Lauri, porque no me funciona Pandora?" Papi, porque no esta conectado al wifi. Shit! Se me quema el pollo! "Lauri acuerdate que ya casi no hay papel toalla!" Yes, i'll get it on the way back from picking up Camila.

Don't mind me, its just a regular Tuesday around here!

Ahh...the sweet smell of responsibilities! When you're the go-to person. The one everyone calls when shit hits the fan. I get it; you posses leadership skills, you're dependable, a girl boss...a pioneer. You run shit in your house, high five! So this one is for you, my sweet. The one running the show at home. The one who wakes up first and goes to bed last. The one who puts herself last because there is a greater sense of satisfaction when everyone else is taken care of first. Yes, you can handle it and you manage to not only get by, but excel in everything you do.

You might make it look easy, but (claps hands) IT. IS. NOT! Even the strong one needs someone! I hope this read gives you some type of comfort. Although when people say "you are not alone" it doesn't necessarily make me feel better. It makes me feel bad for the both of us actually! lol I mean, it does make me feel somewhat relieved but you know....I don't know. Whatever. If it does not give you some sort of ease, it should at least give you some sort of comic relief.

I have this constant battle in my head that sounds as follows:

"Laura, you actually have time, do it now so you don't have to rush tomorrow" and "f**k this shit, i'm tired!" For the most part, none happen. I'll get it done THREE days later (at the very least) instead and end up with some stank wet clothes that i forgot to take out of the washing machine that night. Because you know, who doesn't enjoy washing the same load over again?

"Laura do we have any white socks?" -Well did you check the drawer? Don't mind the interruptions, I can multi task up the ying-yang!

I know how it is; you want to give up or scream. Often times both! You're so irritable; you find the things you usually laugh at, annoying. Like your man pulling your pj's down at night while you're washing the dishes. (Wait-yours doesn't do that?) My suggestion is you stop for a second and BREATHE. Go outside and scream or cry if you have to. Hey- it works for me! The bathroom is a good one too! The point is- give me a second, my phone is ringing...fuck.

"Laura? Me podes llevar al Pob-lex?" -Si abuela deme un momento por favor. Yo la llamo cuando salga de camino." <3

That was my grandmother. God Bless her heart. You see, even though i'm busy as shit, i cannot find it within my heart to ever say no. So yeah, i'd rather be backed up on everything else instead of simply saying "i can't right now." Makes total sense right? pfft!

Someway, somehow I GETS IT DONE baybeh! Don't ask me how because i genuinely do not have an answer for you. I'm not being a hater and not sharing some secret manual with step by step instructions on "how to do it." Which by the way, what does that question even mean? "How do you do it?" What exactly is "IT ?" All i know just do. Everything i "do" comes naturally to me so i often do not understand where the question even comes from. (i mean that in the most humble way possible by the way.)

Just find someone you like to do. Something! I meant something. #winks

All in all, I have no idea how to even wrap this up because my dad is asking me why the cable isn't working. "Hi, welcome to Dish Latino, my name is Laura how can i help you?" The f**k do i know?? Do i work for the company? (rolls eyes)

Replies very casually: "Ya voy Papi....."

XoXo -Mama L

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