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more of Laura herself.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Oh hi! I’m Laura. Let’s be real though, you probably already knew that. I’m an (extraordinary) average girl from Miami, Fl. I am half Costa Rican, half Nicaraguan. I don’t come from money nor do I care for it. (If you see me with something fancy, i got it a while back when i made great money...or it was probably a gift.) I crave a little deeper than the surface. Spending time with my family is what makes me genuinely happy. I happen to be a MOM! This is the part you insert all the emotional crap about how beautiful it is to be a mother and how it’s God’s greatest gift (although it is.) Hashtag “my reason.” Ha! I am considered to be “extra” by all friends and family because I tend to go above and beyond in everything. (Shrugs shoulders) I’ve learned to accept it. I’ve been asked, told and suggested by the same people to start a blog for years now and my response was always “I just post cute pictures and write from the heart on all my posts because it comes naturally.” However, in more recent times, I’ve been encouraged by not just strangers and family, but from a very significant person in my life- my husband Cam. Wait, wait- there's no ring on this finger. He’s just my boyfriend. Well, more than that because he’s also my baby daddy. Boyfriend makes him sound like a newbie. Does baby daddy sound too ghetto? “He’s the father of my children” –that makes it sound like we aren’t together or too serious. Partner makes me sound like I’m gay. What do you call these significant men in our lives, is there a name for them? Anyway, then it just hit me! I figured that if I’m already doing all these things, why not give the people what they want? lol A closer look into my thoughts, feelings and life! I do consider privacy to be a big thing. While I am an open book, you can ask-but sometimes I won’t tell. Doing this "blogger thing" from the heart is probably the best approach to not just this endeavor, but all things in life right? So I thought to myself “Well, why not?” I present to you, “HAUS OF LAURA” a place for motherhood, WOMANhood, fashion, travel and all things lifestyle. Here you'll get details and a closer look to what so many of you already DM me about. I am no pro- shit...i'm still trying to figure this whole adulting thing out. but i CAN tell you that what i tend to go by, works for ME. If that alone, makes me an "influencer" in any way, i'll take it! Hope to hear from many of you soon and for a long time to come!


Mama L.

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